763 3 Piece Prostate Pleasure Starter Kit


This 3 piece kit is your key to back door exploration. If you have heard about all the incredible pleasures prostate and anal stimulation can bring, but do not know quite where to start, then look no further! The kit includes two of our most popular anal toys, angled for maximum prostate pleasure, plus a slick numbing lube. The slim vibrating wand has gained high praise from anal aficionados of all skill levels, with its firm, slick material, long slim shaft, and curved head. The silicone vibe has curves and swells along the short, girthy shaft, plus a dainty anal arm to tickle your taint. The vibrating bullet packs plenty of power and turns on with just a push of a button. Finally, the desensitizing anal lube will let you glide easily into the exciting world of anal play in comfort.