7814 7-Function Remote Bullet


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7 exciting vibration patterns lie within the pretty, super soft, ultra petite styling of the 7 Function Remote vibe, and with a range that reaches up to 25 feet from the source, it's a waterproof treat that has all kinds of pleasurable possibilities. The bullet itself is rounded and curvy, giving you lots of surface area to work with, the organic, velvety soft shape fits smoothly against you, it's absolutely perfect for clitoral and nipple stimulation, not to mention any other external sweet spots you may have. Although the bullet can be inserted, you'll want to do so carefully, putting it inside a condom before use is a good idea, since the attached cord is actually the receiver for the remote, and shouldn't be pulled on or used as a retrieval cord. The remote is tiny and discreet, with a simple on/off button to start up and stop the intense vibrations, and another that lets you cycle through the patterns of vibration, escalation and pulsation; these can be enjoyed solo, or at the hands of your partner, from a distance. Vibe takes 4 LR44 watch batteries, while the remote takes 1 12 V battery, both of which are included.