This program can be customized for any situation. 

First the rules:

This is a game

Be honest about what you like and constructive about what you don’t

No one get in trouble for being honest 

Absolutely No INTERCOURSE until the games says so

Have Fun!

Once both parties agree to the rules, game on....

Week 1   Just for Him

Supplies:  Tickle His Pickle, Tasty Twist, Max 4 Men Arousal Gel or Forever Yours and a small pillow and hand towel

Ladies, read the book a day or two before the big night. On the big night, put on something cute and comfy, but not too sexy. Apply your gag reflex cream or flavored enhancer of choice (Forever Yours/Tasty Twist), grab your pillow and head to the living room. 

Remember, this is all about him tonight. There will be no intercourse, no reciprocating. Grab him his favorite beverage and the remote to the TV.  Kneel between his legs, and when he asks you what you’re doing, hand him the remote and tell him to sit back and enjoy.  Unleash the inner goddess and give him the world’s greatest BJ. If you swallow, make sure he knows you enjoy it, if you spit, be discreet, after all, this is his fantasy. 

Week one is a slow week. The next day, remind him about how much fun you had. Email, texting, a note, whatever, all work wonders. Something along the lines of, ‘can’t stop thinking about last night’ that was amazing’ short and sweet, and he’ll start to wonder where you came from, in a good way!

Week 2: Couple Time

Supplies: (Choose one or two)  Soy Wax Candles, Silky Sheets, Massage Lotion, Manual Massager, if desired.

Place the rules for tonight in an envelope:

Kiss me, but not on the lips

Tonight there will be no grinding of hips

Touch me, but not in the most intimate place

Tell me your thoughts or desire, whatever the case

Soft and slow, firm and right,

Take your time, we have all night.

 The rest should play out nicely. It’s very easy to talk intimately when you’re that relaxed.  Remember, touching without contact is just as much fun. Move your hands over and around the ‘forbidden’ area but do not make contact. This will drive your partner wild!

Later Week 2: All about Her!

Supplies: Mona Lisa, Tasty Twist, Coochy Shave Cream, (lotion and aftershave) Pheromones, Candles (try an edible candle) and Bullet.

This one takes some time; she needs to mentally sexify herself.  Shower or bathe, shave, lather, slather and pheromone your gorgeous self up. Whatever turns you on, do. 

If its candles and nighties, go for it, if it’s football and shorty shorts, then huddle up. 

Do not forget the Mona Lisa or Tasty Twist!!!!  Grab your man and settle in for a night of exploration. Show him how you like to be touched, place your hand over his and guide him to the right places. There is nothing sexier than a sexually confidant woman. 

Don’t be afraid to tell him what you like. Try a bullet to really spice things up. Let him take you over the moon and enjoy the rest of the week!

Week 3: Getting to know you

Supplies:  a Computer or a Catalog ;) 

This week is about communication. Talk about your fantasies, what you’d like to try. Flip through a catalog or jump on a website and pick out a toy or two you’d each like to try out. 

Spend the week planning your big night!  You should be feeling a closer connection and find talking about sex a lot more comfortable.  Watch a movie together, hold hands at the grocery store, and remember what it felt like to fall in love.  

Take it easy…and don’t forget to order your toys.  Don’t forget, no intercourse this week. 

Week 4:  The big night!

Supplies: Anything and Everything

Wrap your new toys. It’s always more fun to unwrap a present!

This is it.  Tonight, you’re going to go all the way!  Make it a night to remember. 
Dinner at your favorite restaurant, get a room at a nice local hotel, just because you can’t leave town doesn’t mean you can’t get away.    

Get dressed up, have a ball. When you get to your room, don’t hold back. You’ve played very well. 

Congratulations, you’ve won!